We are thinking globally and acting locally.  Many of our activities involve fundraising - all for the purpose of supporting the Grandmothers Campaign of the Stephen Lewis Foundation. We also reach out into the community by speaking in schools, churches and retirement residences. Since 2006 Grassroot Grannies have raised $926,350 for the Stephen Lewis Foundation.  This year, in 2021, we have raised  $97,500 through our annual Ride To Turn The Tide (All In This Together) event and additional funds through sales of our beautiful hand-sewn and hand-crafted products, proving to be another very successful year. 


Fundraising Events for 2021

We are always very grateful to our community supporters.

Canadian grannies 
African grannies
   All In This Together Ride - September 8, 2021
​    If you would like to see what we are selling go to the Marketplace icon on your Facebook page. Then hit the search icon and type in Grassroot Grannies.  
Any article that we are selling should pop up. 

Books & Breakfast Buffet
if you are not interested or comfortable in buying articles on Facebook Marketplace and you want to make a donation to the Grassroot Grannies, we encourage you to donate on our on-line fundraising site. It is very easy, quick, and safe.

Hopefully we will be able to return to our regular events next year.

Sadly, once again we have had to cancel our Books and Breakfast Buffet owing to Covid-19. 
On Wednesday, September 8th, the Grassroot Grannies held their 12th annual Ride to Turn the Tide. 

​The RTTTT this September was a one-day challenge offering cyclists a choice of a 50, 75, or 100 km route. Thirty-six cyclists signed up to complete round trip rides from Stittsville to either Richmond, Constance Bay or Fitzroy Harbour. 

There were also several support teams of wonderful volunteers to assist the cyclists en route and to organize the send-off and welcome home events.

In the words of the riders​

Being together with such a congenial group made the 75 km seem almost effortless.

Our bikes may have got decidedly grimy from the wet roads, but at least we didn't get wet.

Those blueberry muffins were delicious and my back massage and Voltaren rub were greatly appreciated!

We negotiated the dreaded Queensway cross-over like a well oiled team, owning the road and daring the traffic to let us through.

Trepidation was my big feeling starting off on my very first Ride To Turn The Tide. Didn’t last long, instead had a fine time discovering big and modest farmhouses on the roads leading to Richmond.

Dear fellow cyclists, all our sponsors, our wonderful support staff, those who prepared the goodie bags and cards, and all the people who came out to greet and support us at the start and finish as well as the dear generous folks at our first rest stop – thank you for a wonderful day!  

Mostly I am so very impressed by the support and friendship of Grassroot Grannies and the incredibly generous support of family, friends and former work colleagues. I feel blessed.

Can’t thank Diane and Mary Jane enough for your great sag wagon support along the route. We didn’t even need maps or directions as you were at every bend and turn on the route. 

    Over $97,500 raised! Congratulations to the whole team. 
A very special thanks also to Stella who organized us so well for the ride, the routes and all the Meet and Greet outings.
Spring and Summer Garage Sales
The garage sales started quite innocently by three grannies - Agnes, Deanne and Valerie, as they were cleaning out their houses and selling off their gently loved antiques and treasures. Quickly they learned that selling on Facebook Marketplace was the best virtual venue for sales. These gals decided to donate their sales to the Foundation and encouraged other GG members to do the same. Well this idea took off with several other grannies selling their wares over the summer on Marketplace. All sales were then posted on our Grassroot Grannies Fundraising Page, which was created for us by the SLF in 2020 at the start of Covid-19.  

Once the restrictions of Covid were relaxed later in the summer, members of the Grassroot Grannies living in the Country Club Estates participated in their community face-to-face garage sale.  Many granny members contributed items for sale to this one-day sale raising over $900. To date our garage sale fundraising page has raised close to $5,300. Congratulations to our creative grannies. 
How to Make a Donation