We are thinking globally and acting locally.  Many of our activities involve fundraising - all for the purpose of supporting the Grandmothers Campaign of the Stephen Lewis Foundation. We also reach out into the community by speaking in schools, churches and retirement residences. Since 2006 Grassroot Grannies have raised $638,401 for the Stephen Lewis Foundation.  In 2018, we raised $88,171 through our annual events and through sales of our beautiful hand-sewn and hand-crafted products. 


Fundraising Events for 2018

We are always very grateful to our 
community supporters.

We're off to a great start for 2018.  

The Plant Sale and Market Place, held on Saturday, May 12, raised $6,525.  We are very pleased with this result this year as we didn't sell gently used jewellery this year which contributes generously to the total sales. ​

In addition to the wonderful array of healthy perennial plants we sold many note cards, hand-painted bird houses, stained glass 'arc-en-ciel garden ornaments, recycled garden treasures and unique small floral arrangements.  The raffle table of eclectic gift items was again another attractive feature this year.  

Special thanks must be extended to Carol and Arnold Redmond for hosting this event at their lovely home in Kanata Lakes region of Ottawa.  They have very kindly offered to host this event again next year.
Check out the video on this year's RIDE
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We did it! The Grassroot Grannies with the tremendous participation of several  excellent 'grandother' cyclists completed the grueling 260 km ride this past week.  This year was grueling not because of the distances covered each day but because of the challenging weather.  Our first day was sunny, 31F with a record high humidex of 43F.  Even the asphalt on the roads was melting, or maybe that was our minds playing games as we cycled the hills of Lanark County.  As the day progressed so too did the winds culminating in a thunder and lightning storm that cooled the temp down somewhat.  When we jumped into the pool at our destination we sizzled!!! We couldn't have completed the first day without the constant care provided by our wonderful four support team members - Diane, Mary Jane, Deanne and Ann.  Our next two days were quite pleasant as the weather cooled considerably with a mix of sun and cloud, and no rain! 

​We have to mention the incredible welcome given to us all along the route.  Two granny groups, a former granny group and one church group provided us with plentiful, scrumptious and healthy meals.  One group, the Grannies All About Kids in Metcalfe even billeted us the second night.  

Each year the RIDE team has risen to the challenge of meeting and surpassing their fundraising goal.  This year, the 9th year for the RIDE, the Grassroot Grannies had set their goal at $60,000.  Without question, it took a team effort with several groups in the region to raise the incredible funds that we did - $74,001.

Canadian grannies 
African grannies
BOOKS & BREAKFAST BUFFET- Friday, November 9, 2018
Ride to Turn the Tide - September 5, 6 & 7 - 2018
We want to thank the Kanata Golf and Country Club for their continued support over the past seven years. They have graciously provided the space as well as catered an excellent hot breakfast buffet. ​

The Grassroot Grannies would like to recognize the wonderful support of Carole and Phil Reilly for their generous donations over the last three years of perennials from their former garden nursery, the Reilly's Country Gardens.  
Also, and very much appreciated, we want to recognize the very generous donations from the following:
  • Mary Reid, Green Thumb Nurseries,
  • Judy Wall, Rock Wall Gardens
  • Brampton Farms
  • Richmond Nursery
  • Ritchie Feed & Seed
  • Suzanne & Bruce, White House Perennials Nursery
  • Richard Williams, Lève Tôt Farms
  • Monique Payant
  • Dawn Doyle
Thanks to our supporters
For the second year, members of the Grassroot Grannies visited two elementary schools: the Bayview Public School and Carleton Heights Public School in Ottawa and made presentations to more than 150 students about why the grannies are cycling to raise funds for and awareness of the struggles African grandmothers and their orphaned grandchildren face as a result of the HIV/AIDS pandemic.  On our third day of the RIDE we briefly visited each school so the children could actually see and talk to the grannies and cyclists 'in action'.
This year a selection of colourful daylilies and bearded irises, a blue four foot-wall fall-blooming aster, a couple of peony varieties, some sedums for ground covers, and a shade-tolerant ornaamental grass will be donated.
A team of Grassroot Grannies organize a work bee to pot and label the various plants. 
If you wish to sponsor this event you can do it one of two ways.  Either donate to the whole team or donate to an individual cyclist.  Click here to continue. 
Enjoy the scrolling pictures and the video (see below) which give you a glimpse of this event.
"A journey which will function smoothly thanks to those vital unsung heroes - the support group - this year composed of Diane Thomson, Mary Jane Dyment, Deanne Ryan, Ann Williams.  Like the riders they too raise funds. But beyond that, they provide guidance and assistance to the riders with safety uppermost in their minds.  Riders - follow their directions and they will guide you to a successful and safe conclusion to your journey.  With them on the job there will be no need to ponder the advice of the baseball legend and noted philosopher Yogi Berra, who has observed variously, a) 'when you come to a fork in the road take it; and b) if you don't know where you are going you might end up someplace else!'.

"Unfortunately, we now face a different, troubling time in history.  Many nations are increasingly facing inward and turning their backs on less fortunate and those in need.  In these dark days you are a shinning example of the best of human nature - ready to assist those in need without reference to race, creed, colour or nationality.  Your ride, and the ends it serves, meet the classic definition of 'charity'.  Helping the needy - an act of generosity that sees the need, not the cause.  You are to be congratulated and emulated!

"As your journey progresses there may be times at the end of the day when you are feeling the effects of your efforts.  If that occurs you need only reflect on the cause you are serving and the sage advice of the stateman Winston Churchill and the industrialist Henry Ford. 
     Churchill - to the point as usual, observed that 'if you are going through hell, keep going!'
     Ford - wisely stated that 'when everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind not with it.'

"Your journey will end with the part I always look forward to: riders in formation proceeding along Richmond Road to Bushtukah for the closing ceremonies; faces beaming with the knowledge of a job well done; a challenged faced and together met; a justifiable pride in your accomplishment; proud family and friends awaiting you.  We will be there to greet you. 

"Go now, have a safe and enjoyable journey. RIDE with PRIDE. Ride TO TURN THE TIDE.  Bon voyage!"
Again, Bob Laughton, a long time friend and grandother to the Grassroot Grannies, was asked to speak at the Send Off Ceremony. Below is his message which we felt should be shared with all those involved in the event.
"Here you go again on the epic journey - the Ride To turn The Tide. Over the next 2 1/2 days, your journey will take you over 260 challenging kilometers. A journey during which you will make new friends, bond as a team and enjoy the hospitality of the granny groups along the way. A journey once again ably co-ordinated by the sterling efforts of Nancy Hough with the assistance of her husband Paul. The continuing success of the RIDE owes much to this couple.  
Well, we did it again. This year's book exchange was another resounding success. Over 100 people came to the event. Our 'crafters' really out did themselves by producing a plethora of items for sale.  In the end, we raised another $3,075 for the Stephen Lewis Foundation.