We are thinking globally and acting locally.  Many of our activities involve fundraising - all for the purpose of supporting the Grandmothers Campaign of the Stephen Lewis Foundation. We also reach out into the community by speaking in schools, churches and retirement residences. Since 2006 Grassroot Grannies have raised $1,119,433 for the Stephen Lewis Foundation.  This year, in 2023, we have raised  $80,545 through our annual Ride To Turn The Tide event and an additional $7325 through the Plant Sale and Marketplace. Our Books, Crafts and Coffee event will be held on October 27th. Please check  the poster below.


We are always very grateful to our community supporters.

Canadian grannies 
African grannies
Fundraising Events for 2023

The Grassroot Grannies
14th Ride to Turn the Tide
September 6th-7th 2023
Why we ride – to raise funds for the Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign
of the Stephen Lewis Foundation, supporting African grandmothers raising their
grandchildren orphaned by the HIV/AIDS epidemic in sub-Sahara Africa. To learn
more, please visit
The 2023 Ride to Turn the Tide raised $80,545!

The Ride to Turn the Tide has raised over $880,000 for the Grandmothers to Grandmothers campaign for the Stephen Lewis Foundation since 2010.
Grassroot Grannies  
Plant Sale and Marketplace

The Grassroot Grannies would like to thank all our generous supporters and sponsors 
for helping to make this event so successful."
 The Plant Sale and Marketplace raised $7325 for the Stephen Lewis Foundation.

Carmel Griffin used her own initiative to get donations from Lowes, Loblaws, Wild Birds Unlimited and family members to raise $240 worth of goods to raffle or sell. It took persistence to get donations from the large corporations. Congratulations!
 The Raffle 
Thanks to Bob Laughton from Bushtukah for continuing to donate so many popular sporting goods to create our many baskets.

Ritchie's Nursery was generous to donate plants and a gift card again.

Mike at Trudel Home Hardware donated triple sets of patio lights.

Kanata Golf and Country Club donated two Golf-for-Two games.
Sheila Brady and Sue Cousineau
Lina Halle, Jill Doherty, and volunteers at the cash.
Enthusiastic shoppers getting the first pick.
Judy Laughton waters the plants to keep them fresh.
Amazing Contributions

  • Stella Val dug up and potted over 100 plants from her garden and that of her neighbour's.
  • Carole Reilly donated and potted over 100 plants from her beautiful gardens as well.
  • Lina Halle contributed over 100 vegetable plants, lovingly grown from seedlings, as well as perennials from her own garden. 

Many thanks to everybody who contributed plants. 

Also thanks to Jack and Bob who do the heavy lifting  hauling the tables, mounting the tents, banners and heavy pots, and Paul and Dave who helped with the clean-up. 

Kudos to all Grassroot Grannies and Grand-others who stored and transported plants, set them up, organized them and priced them on Friday before the sale. 

Ann Williams, plant expert, advises
many customers.
Judy Hansen, Michele Detras, and Karen Whiteside
in front of the raffle table.
​Carmel Griffin
The Plants

The Marketplace
Marg Terrett, Ute Webb, Fair Rapsey, Stella Val 
​are ready for business.
Ute Webb in front of the decorative garden stones.
Gently-used garden planters and art were popular.
Noel Bain and her sister Martha Bohm sell 
our note cards.
The Marketplace relies on the creativity and hard work of the Grassroot Grannies. Many thanks to our prolific artists.

Deanne Ryan contributed her beautifully painted Mandala rocks.

Sue Cousineau made attractive garden step-stones.

Marg Terrett's fancy tea cups on posts are wonderful additions to a garden.

Martha Bohm's beautiful photographs are used to create themed note-cards which are always popular as gifts. 

Many thanks to everybody who contributed to make the Marketplace a success.

Mary Jane and Jack Dyment
Shirley McTaggart is our official greeter.
​Shirley, Judy S, Sheila and Judy H with their pretty pots for Mother's Day.
Many thanks to Grassroot Grannies, friends, and community supporters for making the Plant Sale and Marketplace a wonderful success.
​Thanks to Grannies Judy Laughton, Ann Williams, Lina Halle, Judy Hansen and Val Woodward for contacting these sponsors.
All three groups together in Almonte 
Two-day longer route riders
Shorter route riders and support van members
One-day riders enjoying a stop.
Carleton Place picnic lunch with the 70 km group.
Merrickville lunch on day one with the 113 km group
provided by the Merrickville Anglican women.
Once again the Grassroot Grannies planned a two-day ride through the Ottawa Valley on September 6th and 7th. The Ride started in Stittsville at Bushtukah and the longer and shorter distance rides both ended in Perth. 
The one-day riders cycled to Almonte where this group met the other two groups of cyclists returning from Perth at Naismith Memorial Elementary School for the educational component of the ride. All 15 cyclists had lunch together afterwards. 

Former Mississipi Grannies provided lunch in Almonte on day two for all three groups of riders.
The Almonte "String Cats" serenaded riders at lunch. 
Cyclists chat to students at Naismith Memorial Public School who came out to greet riders and cheer them on. They asked lots of interesting questions.
Café on the Tay at Diana Bracegirdle's home.
​Beating the heat with a swim in the Rideau River. It was at least 33 degrees and these riders really needed to cool off!
Dinner in Perth
At the start 
Lunch stops and refreshment break
A welcome swim
Education and motivation at Naismith Memorial Elementary School

A warm welcome in Almonte

The Grassroot Grannies would like to thank Elizabeth Dilvert of the Unrefined Olive in Kanata for donating two gift packs of olive oil and balsamic vinegar as gifts for our sponsors. The support is greatly appreciated.
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