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Judy Hansen, Karen Whiteside,
Co-Chairs - Grassroot Grannies
Spring 2021 Issue
Grassroot Grannies Activities
Stephen Lewis Foundation Update

Your ongoing support for the important work our grandmother groups do to help our African partners is valued and appreciated.

Thank you.
Zoom is now part of our lives whether we like it or not and so we have had to do things differently. Instead of our annual plant sale and other events where we meet and greet lots of people face to face we are organizing a virtual garage sale featuring a pot pourri of household items including treasured antiques as well as some plants and garden art. All items will be featured on Facebook Marketplace, Kijiji and other on-line sale sites. All sales will be posted to our on-line fundraising site. It is important to note that all proceeds will go to the Stephen Lewis Foundation(SLF). Sales have already begun so do check out our new venues.

Another illustration of how we have changed can be viewed on our website in an article written by our co-chair Karen Whiteside entitled “We Thrived As We Survived.” In it she mentions how our group started making much needed masks and by year's end had made, sold and distributed over 800 masks totalling $19,000 in donations which went to the SLF.
Read the entire article for more examples of how we adapted our fundraising events. 
Ottawa Gatineau Regional Grandmothers Network (OGRGN)

Every 18 months grandmother groups from across our region come together for a day of workshops and craft sales. This year a virtual Grannyfest is planned for late April or early May which will also be our 15th anniversary. 

The Stephen Lewis Foundation website has recently profiled 15 inspirational women who have become leaders in their communities. This initiative was undertaken as a tribute to International Women's Day. Niambi Martin-John of the SLF wrote a personal reflection on how she has been inspired by the example of strong women. She highlights some of their quotes such as:
  • “Strong women aren't simply born. We are forged through the challenges of life.”
  • “We need more, not fewer, feminist leaders.”
  • “If you teach a grandmother you teach the whole nation.”

National Initiatives

A group of Canadian grandmothers groups have been hard at work planning a Canadian Grandmothers Concert to be held April 15 at 7:30 p.m. Grandmother groups from across Canada, including the Grassroot Grannies, are excited to be involved in supporting this event with all proceeds going to the SLF. More information and how to register to this exciting event can be viewed here.
​Advocacy Update
GRAN will be starting a campaign to ask the Canadian Government to invest at least 1% of their emergency response fund to help poor countries purchase vaccines. This campaign is happening because Canada has committed $220 million for global vaccine access.  Learn more here.

The Grandmothers' Campaign website has posted a calendar where you can see the many events being planned by grandmother groups across the country.