OUR CREATIONS - All are for sale

It started out being a small project for our annual plant sale in the spring. But the popularity of our brightly hand-painted birdhouses has grown such that we are now painting year-round. This year most of the houses were painted by Deanne Ryan, a Grassroot Granny member. Each house features a bird of the region, Blue Jay, Chickadee, Robin etc.

Each house is hand-painted, finished with two coats of external varnish to withstand the elements and mounted on cedar posts that stick in the garden. While the shape of the birdhouses are similar there are no two painted designs alike. Frequently small birds use the houses as nesting areas in the spring but mostly they are considered whimsical garden art. Each house sells for $35.00.
The "Dancing Grannies", pictured on the left, was designed for the Kaslo Grammas to Grammas in Kaslo B.C.  Our thanks to this group for allowing us to use their design.

The "African granny and child" card, pictured on the right, is designed by Terry Mosher, alias Aislin, the political cartoonist.  We thank him for allowing us to use this drawing in support of the Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign. 
African Note Cards 
Floral Photo Cards
We have over 15 different photo cards all depicting beautiful flowers.  Examples of some are below.  Cost: A package of 4 cards (5 x 4) of any design is $10.00.  Individual cards are sold for $3.00 each.  
To order on line click here.

A pack of 5 cards sell for $10.00.  To order on line click here.
"Moms & Babes" - African Animal Photo Cards
A few members of the Grassroot Grannies  recently traveled to South Africa and captured these photos of "Moms and Babes".  Package of 4 cards sells for $10.00...contact our Treasurer
 Tooth Fairy Pillows
It is the right of every granny to give their grandchild a tooth fairy pillow...and the Grassroot Grannies  have those pillows for you to purchase.
Whether it is an owl design or a tooth design each pillow has a small pocket into which the tooth is placed, where only the tooth fairy can find it.
Cost: $10.00 each
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Travel Jewellery Bags
These soft jewellery bags contain many smaller pockets inside to carry earrings, pendants and rings safely and without fear of breaking during travel.  A larger interior pocket holds necklaces and bracelets nicely.  The bags make lovely gifts or just treat yourself.  
Cost: $15.00 each   To order on line click here.  
NOTE: Colour choice cannot be guaranteed as each bag is made from remnants.

New to our collection of African granny cards is the 'Helping Grans' card thanks to the Nelson Grans, in BC.
Arc-en-Ciel Garden Ornaments
The arc-en-ciel garden ornaments incorporate colourful stain glass inserts within a  bird house design.  They are 2 dimensional garden art mounted on a post to be placed in the garden or on a hanging string to be hung from a tree branch to catch the sun.   
The making of the arc-en-ciel ornaments was a cooperative project with each piece designed and hand-crafted by talented 'grandothers' and painted by our grannies.
Each ornament sells for $35.00
Children's Book  - A Rainbow of Stuffies
A Rainbow of Stuffies was written by Nancy Hough, a Grassroot Granny.  It is a picture book which engages pre-schoolers who are learning their colours through the whimsical antics of a variety of stuffed animals. The soft-sided book is full colour, 11 pages in length and is sold for $10.00.  All proceeds of the sales of the book are going to the Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign.
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Potato Bakers  
These 100% cotton bags are used for baking potatoes in the microwave.  They can also be used for cooking corn on the cob and warming up muffins.  You won't believe how well they work.  Cost $15.00 each  
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Wildlife Photo Cards
Five cards per package; each card 5 1/2" x 4 1/4 "A package of 4 cards of any design is $10.
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 Pocket Belts
Made out of light weight stretchy material, with an elastic waist band, these Pocket Belts are ideal to carry all your small valuables.  One belt will carry a passport, wallet, phone and car keys...all the essentials whether you are traveling, playing sports or shopping.  Cost $20.00
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 Infinity Scarves
You'll love these beautiful Infinity Scarves made of light weight polyester fabric.  All washable.  Cost $15. To order click here.
NOTE: Colour choice cannot be guaranteed.    
Canadian grannies 
African grannies
Microwave Bowl Cozies
No more hot dishes to take out of the microwave.  These pot/dish protectors do the trick of protecting your hands, not to mention the pretty presentation they make on a table.
Cost $15.00 each.  To order on line click here.
Clutch Purse
Elegance at its best and yet so affordable.  Every gal should have one of these gems.
Cost $15 each.  To order on line click here.
Produce Bags
Look what the Grassroot Grannies are creating now. 

Go green, replace store plastic bags! 11.5 x 14”, machine washable, reusable for years, cord stop closure. 
Cashier can read product code, and weigh the produce in the bag. No need to unpack when you check out.  

Cost: $5.00 per bag.  To order click here
Instructions on how to use 
the Potato Bag

Wash the potato - DO NOT PRICK, wrap in paper towel, place in bag.  Microwave as instructed...2 potatoes take approx. 6-8 min.
Holds 1-2 large potatoes or lots of small potatoes..  
Machine wash, lay flat to dry.